Foreo Review

Hey guys, so i’m doing my first ever skincare product review.

As we all know, fashion and skincare does go hand-in-hand so I figure I should be including this on my blog. No amount of clothes can make a person complete if they have bad skin or just crazy acne on their face. It’s the total package.

So please be patient as I slowly work my way with trying to create a comprehensive review of skincare products for you guys. I’m no guru but I hope my words will help you out in choosing the right products.

First impressions:

First thing I felt when I held the product on my hands was the super soft silicone bristles/brush this product has. It’s not like your regular brush that is abrasive or hard, its really really soft. The built of it is very solid and doesn’t feel like it will break with one drop. It has a very nice and compact design and very minimalistic. The box comes with a cable that plugs in to a usb port (very convenient since even your computer or laptop can charge it.

Using the product:

Using the product is very simple, there’s only one button to press and that’s it. First button press is to turn it on. It has a built in timer and it will stop vibrating every 15 seconds to notify you that you should switch the area that you are scrubbing. you basically scrub your face for 1 minute. The second press is for the low vibration mode for the more sensitive area of your face such as under your eyes and around your nose. The third press is to turn off the product. Operating and using this product can’t get any simpler!


  • Waterproof
  • Compact (can easily fit on your travel kit)
  • Very easy to use (one button operation)
  • Gentle on the skin (silicon construction)
  • Sturdy built
  • You only buy once (no need to buy replaceable brush heads unlike other brands)
  • Easy to clean (just put under running water and clean with soap)


  • The 15 second timer could be executed better, sometimes while i’m scrubbing my face I don’t notice that it had stopped and I would still continue on one area of my face, if the pause was a bit longer I would have noticed it more
  • There’s also a notification light and it’s at the bottom to notify you that it’s been 15 seconds, but when I use the scrub my eyes are usually closed since i’m at the shower (waste of space for the product)
  • The plug for the charger could’ve been universal like a micro usb connection so I could use other cables to charge it instead of a proprietary plug. (But I guess micro usb plug isn’t waterproof that’s why they had to do a different plug, but i’m just nitpicking here)

Personal Notes:

I really like this product, being as a guy, it’s a extra gadget for me to use and guys love gadgets (haha). It’s a good investment as in, I just have to buy it once and I don’t need to buy any other accessories for it to continuously use it, I just buy it once and I can use it until the battery stops recharging, but at the rate of 300 uses per charge, i’m guessing this will last me for many many many years. It’s very compact and durable and I can just chuck it at any pocket in my bag when I travel and not worry about it at all. Father’s day is coming up very soon and I truly thing this would make a great Father’s day gift for those people who don’t know what to get for their father!

Hope you guys like this review, please leave me any comments and/or suggestions about this post!

Shit its raining

Most of the people here in Vancouver can relate to this expression on a very regular basis. We don’t have the nickname “Raincouver” for it for a reason. Especially in this time of the year, we can experience a very generous amount of rain coming our way. This doesn’t mean that our sense of style and our rain gear should suffer. I notice that most people here in Vancouver stick to the very safe and simple black umbrella to protect themselves from the rain, but I have a solution for you.

“Merde Il Pleut” – Shit it’s raining (in French) umbrella

When life gives you lemons, you make lemon juice. So when it rains, why not make the best of the situation and throw in some sense of humour while you’re at it.

Why just stick to the norms of a black umbrella when you can make someone’s day with a funny yet still stylish and classy one.

The strong wood handle, wood shaft, ferrule, and wooden tips help prevent wind damage. I haven’t tested this guy against strong winds yet but with the feel of its construction I can say it stands a good chance of handling the occasional winds of Vancouver.

Let me just say, it does look good when matched with a pair of tan coloured shoes and brown belt because of the wooden accent on the umbrella. It just gives it a very vintage yet modern feel.

So the next time you buy an umbrella for yourself or even as a gift for someone you might want to consider this umbrella. I got this at Kent Street Apparel which is a Vancouver based online store.

If you guys like these kinds of content please leave a message. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Package from Korea


So here’s a sneak peak of one of my future collaborations. I just got today a package from Korea that will be featured on my blog. I’m very excited about this as I’m still very new at doing this fashion blog but I’m getting some good traction already. So please stay tuned and spread the word as there’s more to come!