Jiwon and Ryan

Jiwon and Ryan


Now here’s the lovely newlyweds of just over a year. They have their cute dog named Ritchie who’s very hyper and who greeted me right away when I entered the couple’s home.


It was very clear that they love their dog a lot, they couldn’t stop playing with Ritchie while we were doing our shoot. I didn’t mind it at all as well as it made them feel comfortable while I was taking their photos. Jiwon actually mentioned to me that this photoshoot session reminded her of their wedding photos. They got it done in Korea and got over 2,000 photos taken. She even said “our eyelids we’re twitching at the end of it because we were trying to smile the whole time” and I just responded with a laugh. I told her that the life of a model isn’t actually easy, they make it look easy and comfortable but it does take a lot of skill and she agreed.


After a while, I got the couple to feel a bit more comfortable and got a few snaps of them smiling and not worrying too much about the camera in front of them. I was getting much more organic photos and you can probably tell from the photos as well.


And here comes the money shot of the couple. Both laughing and smiling while playing with their tablets. I couldn’t quite remember what we were talking about and why they we’re laughing but you can tell that it was a good one.

These set of photos could possibly be used in a lifestyle magazine or in a catalogue like IKEA. Regular couple who have no experience in modeling yet the results show that it can be done.

Everyone’s A Model

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