First few photo proofs

Here are some Models that I have encountered on my walk today.

Please notice that these are normal people going about their normal lives.  None of these photos were planned nor were they even aware of the shots being taken of them.

This might seem “stalker-ish” but this was just done to prove so that in regular attire and in our regular stature without even posing, everyone’s a model.

Cool Mom

This is one of the few photos that I have taken today and you could probably say that she’s maybe “out of the ordinary” type of mom. She’s a model in her own right.

Cool Oldschool

He’s just relaxed, sitting down and drinking his coffee. Grandpa still has it going on…

Hippy Hipster

Need I say more?

As you can tell, these photos were all taken in the same street while I was just taking a stroll and I didn’t choose these people specifically. They just happened to be in front of me and I snapped a photo of them. This was all random shots and everyone’s a Model as it looks.

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