Quick Update

Hey guys! Just wanna give everyone a heads up. I know i haven’t been as active as I wanted to be, but that will all change now. I will be putting up more content on a much more regular basis now. I have just recently switched my camera equipment and it will be much easier for me to take photos and possibly videos of myself. I just want to give some much needed thanks to my former boss from Samsung, Loring “The Viking” for letting me get my hands on this very elusive and hard to get camera the Samsung NX1. I’ve been wanting to purchase this camera since it was released. It had to be shipped all the way from Ontario to Vancouver. I’m possibly the first person in B.C. to own this awesome camera. image With this being said, my workflow will be much more efficient and I can actually do videos now also. Believe it or not, the camera I replaced with this was a camera that I have owned for 7 years. It’s so old that it doesn’t even record video. Yes, no video. Lol! Now I can even record 4K video with this guy! So yes, be ready for more content coming soon and please leave any comments or suggestions on what you would like for me to put on this site! Here’s a little video I took while testing out my new camera. Getting ready for spring so time to bust out the bright and colorful shoes! (Time to clean them up also hahahaha).

He Said, She Said | Valentines Special Part 2

So here’s the part two which is the last instalment of a collaborative article with my fellow fashion writer Samantha from Obsessive Trend Invitation and if you haven’t seen the part one yet just click here. To see my answers to the same questions just go to her site here.


I am a hugeeeeee RomCom fanatic and because of that, my ideas of first dates sometime get inspired by what I see on the telly. I blame Disney for crushing all my unrealistic dreams of having dinner on a boat in the sea with floating lanterns, yes Tangled I blame you.

I love anything that doesn’t just involve two people staring at each other. I want to do activities, whether its drawing, or riding a bike (even though I don’t know how to) or going to the PNE, I feel like the best way to know somebody and to be comfortable is by having fun and not putting pressure on having to talk the entire time.

From a psychology perspective, I recommend going somewhere that gets your heart racing and blood pumping because that just makes you that more attractive! Capilano Suspension Bridge anybody?


I think the term should be rephrased to Single APPRECIATION Day. So instead of being down in the dumps about not receiving flowers or chocolates, go buy yourself flowers and chocolates and celebrate the person you are. Make it a day to spend with your family and friends, or even a special day to pamper yourself.


Open Mindedness for sure- You don’t have to believe the things I do, but have the willingness to understand it and be open to have a discussion about it

Laughter– I love making a fool of myself and it exudes confidence when someone is able to be silly and appreciate a good joke.

Joy– Waking up every morning, you want to be surrounded by people who make you feel positive about yourself, and the world around you, so definitely someone who can make you smile during the darkest days.


OK I’m going to say constantly being on their cellphones BUT this is a grey area, and many will call me a hypocrite but there is a very fine line between not being in the moment, and APPRECIATING the moment. And as you read this, bear in mind that this is coming from someone who works in media *big laughs*

I am someone who is on her phone ALOT, and my reasoning for being on my cellphone during dates is this- IT’S SO GREAT I NEED TO MAKE MEMORIES. I mean, who else is going to take all the photos for you? And as I type this I already feel the virtual disapproving looks all around.

The thing is, when you date a busy individual, especially one who works in social media, the importance of online presence and being on top of things is important. For me to be present, I need to clear my head of all prior commitments that still go on 24/7; so for some of us ladies, it doesn’t mean we’re bored or aren’t present, it just means that we need mini breaks to clear our heads from all the beeping sounds erupting from our phones. You wouldn’t want me to be guessing who sent me an email while we’re watching the sunset right?

BUT, when and if you are ALWAYS on your phone, and totally unattached to conversations, or when you’re on the phone while having an important conversation, that can be a great turn off.

So the point of my lonnnnnggggg rant IS, — I should probably learn to turn off my phone during a date haha.

He Said, She Said | Valentines Special

Here comes one of the most stressful time for every man out there in this world, Valentine’s day. A day where a clueless man has to get things done right for the special girl in his life. Well guys, don’t worry no more, i’ve employed the help of my fellow fashion blogger Samantha from Obsessive Trend Invitation to help give us guys a peak into the women’s perspective of Valentines day.

This is a two part series where we both answered the same questions to give people a man and woman’s perspective on this very trivial day, and on this part we are going to be talking about Gifts! You could see my answers on here site here.

So without any further delay, here are her answers:

Level 1– The Chase I You’re still in that dating zone, and not in a committed relationship

Level 2– Honeymoon I You’ve defined your relationship and butterflies flutter hard whenever you’re around your special someone

Level 3– Stability I You’ve been together for awhile now, and are involved in a committed relationship

Of course, these levels are different from couple to couple, but you catch my drift. My comments and thoughts below are acceptable for all 3 levels, of course, stepping things up a notch as you hit level 2 and 3 are recommended 😉


I think that everyday should be a reason to celebrate, not just Valentines. And just because a day is called Valentines, doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to go out to spend money on things and gimmicks we don’t need. That being said, Valentines is a holiday like any other holiday, it’s a reason to celebrate each other (whether it’s a significant other or yourself!), it’s a celebration of LOVE!


For some individuals, what you give and what you get from a significant other can define a relationship non verbally so here are some of my suggestions on what to give a girl!

As a lady myself, I’d love to receive *as cliche as this sounds* red roses. I’m not picky per se, but there’s something about Valentines that screams red roses. Maybe its the mass media ingraining it into my mind, but, red roses are pretty and make great Instagram photos.

On a serious note though, girls like anything thoughtful, it doesn’t have to be diamonds or anything fancy, just a simple gesture to make her feel special and that you put effort into it.

I recommend feeding her, because nothing makes a woman happier than food. So bake for her, or cook her a meal!


I find buying gifts for guys one of the hardest tasks, I always rotate between socks, ties, pens, socks, and socks whether it’s for Christmas, Birthdays etc.

And something that I’ve began to notice is that guys are pretty similar to girls when accepting thoughtful gifts; you could write a sweet letter, or if you want to crank up the cheese level, make it extra cheesy for that lovely cringe 🙂

I’ve also noticed that guys enjoy the practical aspects of gifts, so if you’re going to go with the safe ol’ socks, throw in something that he mentioned he enjoys- it could be a type of candy, or a stationary case, or something random, like.. peanut butter. It just shows you listen and you care!